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Title Season Episode # First Aired
Up, Up and Away/Going Ape/Dennis the Pirate 2 1 09/Jun/86
It’s a Ruff Life/Professor Myron Mentalapse/Dennis Race 2000 2 2 16/Jun/96
A Better Mousetrap/The Whizzer of Odd/Canine Car Wash 2 3 23/Jun/86
Ride ‘Em Cowboy/Tenting Tonight/A Hair-Raising Tale 2 4 30/Jun/86
Building a Better Dog House/Dennis and the Dragon/Hic! 2 5 07/Jul/86
Strike Up the Band/Queen of Chinatown/Tale of a Tux 2 6 14/Jul/86
Vampire Scare / Give Me Liberty, or Give Me...Dennis / Wilson for Mayor 2 7 21/Jul/86
Dangerous Detour/The Prodigy/The Chimp 2 8 28/Jul/86
High Steel/Bicycle Mania/Little Dogs Lost 2 9 04/Aug/86
Dennis Destroys Dallas/Black and Blue Hawaii/Oil’s Well That Ends Well 2 10 11/Aug/86
Door to Door Bore/Dennis In Venice/Young Sherlock Dennis 2 11 18/Aug/86
Surf’s Up/Yo Ho Ho!/The Karate Kiddie 2 12 25/Aug/86
Dennis and the Deep/K-9 Kollege/Housepests 2 13 01/Sep/86
Animalympics/No Bones About It/Dennis Takes the Cake 2 14 08/Sep/86
Quiet Riot/The Magic Pen/A Feeling For Stealing 2 15 15/Sep/86
Househusband Henry/Wheeling and Double-Dealing/Stop That Car 2 16 22/Sep/86
Lights, Camera, Auction/Boy Ahoy/Faulty Alarm 2 17 29/Sep/86
Hail To the Chief/Dennis In Microchipland/Handy Dandy Dennis 2 18 06/Oct/86
Dennis the Businessman/Soccer It to Me, Dennis/Camp Over Here, Over There 2 19 13/Oct/86
Hullabaloo At Harmony Homes/Phantom of the Wax Museum/Dennis and the Gypsy Woman 2 20 20/Oct/86
Attack of the Green Tomatoes/The Dinosaur Doozy/Funhouse Grouch 2 21 27/Oct/86