Title Season Episode # First Aired
A Force of Won; Chef Slump; House of Doom 1 2 25/Sep/06
A Leg Up; Surf Ninjas; The Shirtless Avenger 1 17 26/Feb/07
And the Band Played Rong; Tobe's Nighttime Troubles; Datin' and Dumplins 1 18 05/Mar/07
Cat Toy; Let's Go Fly a Ninja; Gone With the Noodles 1 4 09/Oct/06
Dream On; Armour Plated Love; Catnapped 1 8 20/Nov/06
Evil Love; A Better Boyfriend; Prince Not So Charming 1 16 14/Feb/07
Funny Love Eruption; Noodle Round the World; Ping Pong Pucca 1 1 18/Sep/06
Garu Down Under; Woolen Warrior; A Close Shave 1 25 07/May/07
Invisible Trouble; High Voltage Ninjas; Ninjail Birds 1 9 27/Nov/06
Itsy Bitsy Enemy Within; Puccahontas; Sooga Size Me 1 23 16/Apr/07
Little Miss Sooga; Gold Medal Garu; Cat Scratch Fever 1 24 30/Apr/07
Man of the Tree House; Spainful; Romancing the Clone 1 20 26/Mar/07
Matinee Mayhem; Feud Fight; Dance Dance Pucca 1 15 05/Feb/07
Misplaced Face; Swiss Kiss; Big Top Bang Bang 1 12 18/Dec/06
Ninjasaurus; Unfortunate Cookies; On Thin Ice 1 14 15/Jan/07
No Year's Eve; Noodle to the Stars; Ring Ring's Party Favours 1 13 31/Dec/06
Oh the Bells!; Lumberjacked; Autograph This! 1 19 19/Mar/07
Puccapatra; Knock It Off; Trial by Fury 2 1 03/Mar/08
Rootin' Tootin' Ninjas; Special Delivery; Ninjitsu for Dummies 1 11 11/Dec/06
Soap Opera; The Choo Choo Trouble; Pucca Goes Dutch 1 26 14/May/07
The Cursed Tie; Chicken Spots; Flower Power 1 3 02/Oct/06
The Ring Ring Touch; Garu of the Jungle; Peace Out 1 22 09/Apr/07
The Sooga Showdown; Scenes From a Maul; Up From the Depths 1 7 13/Nov/06
Them Bones; Ghost of a Kiss; The Usual Ching 1 5 16/Oct/06

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